Pathogen Control

  • History of pandemics
  • Limitation of vaccine for response to the pandemics
  • Surface charge of pathogens (virus & bacteria)

    Microbial disinfection

        We are investigating various disinfection methods to inactivate viruses and bacteria based on the mechanism of electroporation, a phenomenon that relies on a strong and focused electric field to destruct the outer structure of the target pathogens (mainly bacterial membranes and viral capsids). We expect that these TENG-driven disinfection methods can offer a great potential for establishing disinfection system to protect people against the microbial infection with no need for external energy input.
  • Air disinfection
  • Water disinfection
  • Nat. Commun. 12, 3693 (2021)

    To be published

    Virus & Bacteria shielding

        TENG-driven pathogen (viruses and bacteria) shielding system, powered by biomechanical energy such as walking and breathing, is aimed to repulse or capture pathogens through coulomb forces. Masks and protective clothing are possible applications that can exploit this TENG-driven pathogen shielding technology.
  • Virus & Bacteria shielding
  • To be published