Implantable Medical Devices

  • Implantable medical system: A breakthrough for health and longevity
  • Implantable medical devices and Technical limitation
  • Ultrasound-driven TENG for powering IMDs

        Ultrasound is a promising energy source to operate a TENG for powering implantable medical devices. Ultrasound is also well-known for its harmlessness to the human body with FDA-approved biosafety. Besides, it can be delivered to deep part of the human body without any restrictions for the device position. The energy-generating performances of the US-TENG were successfully demonstrated by charging Li-ion batteries through ex-vivo and in-vivo experiments. Material study should be conducted to achieve improved energy-generating performances of the US-TENG.!!!!!!

    Science 365, 491-494 (2019)

    Self-rechargeable cardiac pacemaker system

        Self-powered implantable devices have potential to extend the device operation time inside the body, reducing the necessity of secondary surgery. We investigated an inertia-driven TENG for establishing self-rechargeable implantable medical devices. We conducted a series of researches that covers material study, device optimization, and circuit design to power a commercial pacemaker. The inertia-driven TENG, integrated with a cardiac pacemaker system, was successfully demonstrated to exhibit the ventricle pacing and sensing operation mode using our own power management system.

    Nat. Commun. 12, 4374 (2021)

    Ultrasound-driven TENG for powering transient electronics

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