Large area synthesis of 2D materials

    2D material has received great attention as a promising material as transparent & flexible electrode, transparent & ultra thin TFT device and energy harvestor. To realize 2D material base applications, it must be realized that large scale and high quality 2D material growth, residue free transfer process, direct growth of various 2D material on other 2D layer substrate. We have investigated high quality and large scale graphene, h-BN, TMDs, hetero structure of 2D materials using CVD growth method.
  • Schematic image of h-BN growth CVD
  • Schematic image of MoS2 growth CVD
  • Large area synthesis of monolayer graphene
  • Large area synthesis of monolayer h-BN

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  • Large area synthesis of monolayer & thin film TMDs
  • Large area synthesis of hetero structure 2D materials
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    2D material based applications

        Recently, applications of 2D materials market is rapidly growth, therefore 2D TFT, energy harvestor structure design is key issues. We have researched 2D material based complex structure for energy harvesting, sensors and other electronics.
  • Full 2D materials based Photovoltaic device
  • TMD materials based PNG
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  • 2D material based self-powered micro heater
  • 2D material based TNG
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